Flavorless CBD Drink Additive


2oz Jar (66g)


Are you looking for a great CBD recovery supplement? Oleo’s flavorless CBD additive dissolves rapidly in cold water and comes in a 10 serving jar containing 25mg of CBD per serving. Formulated with Oleo’s patent pending micro-encapsulation process, OleoCBD is more bio accessible to your body which leads to faster absorption and relief making this the best CBD recovery supplement on the market.

Suggested Use

  • Mix each serving with 12oz. of water or protien shake to make the perfect post-workout recovery drink.
  • Add this to smoothies, soups, drinks and much more!
  • Consistency is key to daily supplement routines success.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Please consult your physician before taking this product. If any adverse reactions occur, immediately stop use of this product and consult your physician.

CBD Concentration per Jar

  • Each jar contains 750mg of CBD.
  • Every jar contains 30 servings.


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