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CBD Oil vs. CBD Gummies

When people walk into the Catalyst CBD retail store for the first time many are interested in understanding what product is most effective, a CBD oil (commonly referred to as a CBD tincture) or a CBD gummy. The reality is, both are effective in providing relief for the issues that CBD helps to resolve, in my case reduced inflammation specifically. My recommendation is generally, whatever product you are going to use with confidence and consistency is the best one for you.

A CBD tincture is going to have an almost immediate uptake within the body. The data suggests that a CBD tincture has an onset time of 15 minutes or less. A primary concern with CBD tinctures for some people is a CBD tincture can be a little intimidating, due to measuring or counting drops. If consumers are properly educated about how much to use given the strength they choose, the intimidation factor can be easily erased. At the Catalyst CBD we always take the time to educate and show the proper use of CBD tinctures to get the correct amount of CBD desired given the potency of the CBD tincture purchased. We use a guide based upon the weight of the individual to determine the initial dosing a person should take. Breaking down the dose and understanding how much they need helps consumers and allows them to judge the effectiveness of the suggested dose. All our GUD Life CBD tinctures have measurement lines on the dropper used to measure the proper dose. Once the consumer understands their proper dosing the intimidation of measuring CBD tinctures is eliminated. Tinctures require a bit more thought while taking your CBD. There is no determined level of CBD that could be harmful but taking more than is necessary is wasteful and more expensive to use.

CBD gummies take out all the guess work out. Take one of our GUD Life CBD Gummies and you have 15 mg, which based upon your body weight may be enough. Take two and you know you have 30 mg of CBD. The primary difference besides the easy dose calculation is the time it takes a CBD gummy, or any CBD edible takes to be metabolized. Generally, a CBD gummy will take up to two hours to begin to create the desired anti-inflammatory affect that makes CBD so useful to our bodies. Our CBD gummies use nano-emulsification to reduce the time it takes the CBD to begin metabolizing. Although our nano-emulsified gummies absorb faster than other options on the market, they still don’t absorb as quickly as a CBD tincture.

The difference is a CBD tincture acts more rapidly and more precise doses can be measured at home. With a CBD gummy your dose is either one gummy at X mg of CBD or twice that if you take two gummies. I agree that a person can cut up the gummies into smaller pieces to approximate different levels of dosing, although depending on where you use your CBD might be an inconvenience. The SIMPLE THOUGHT use the CBD product that you are most comfortable with. Both are effective.

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